The tuyere has already, what is the modern style exactly?

Author: Junambra

    The annual autumn pottery fair is in full swing, continuing the industry in the past."Fine tradition", this pottery Fair has some pottery in order to gain the eyeball, the propaganda way is very impressive. On the one hand, the industry has been sniffing and helpless attitude towards the phenomenon of homogenization. On the other hand, "follow the wind" has become an invariable theme. The modern style starts to show itself in a large scale, and of course, it can also be conceived in a good way. This is the general trend of the ceramic industry. Or Tao enterprises have begun to see the transformation of the terminal consumers.


So,What is the modern style?



According to Baidu's historical data, modern style is a popular style. It pursues fashion and trend. It pays great attention to the perfect combination of layout and function of room. Modernism, also known as functionalism, is a product of the industrial society. Its earliest representative was the Bauhaus school, built in Weimar, Germany. The theme is to create an environment that enables the artist to accept the most labor-saving environment of modern production - the mechanical environment. The idea of this technical aesthetics is the biggest revolution in the interior decoration of this century.



Modern style



Functional Aesthetics

It advocates the maximum use efficiency in the limited space, the pursuit of natural comfort, and the aesthetic connotation. The choice of furniture that form follows function, everything from the practical point of view, additional redundant decoration waste, so. Simplicity is not only a way of life, but also a philosophy of life.


   Spatial characteristics

   No matter how big the room is, we must make the space spacious, and pay attention to quality and design. It does not need cumbersome decorations and too much furniture, in the decoration and layout to maximize the embodiment of the overall coordination of space and furniture. Geometric structure, this is the modern simplicity of fashion style.



The modern style of the magic wall tiles



   Sound is not much, how clever collocation. Too much color will give people a confused sense of vision. In modern minimalist style, we should use "black and white ash" as the main tonal and add other colors to decorate appropriately, so that no matter how the furniture shape and spatial layout will be, we will refresh ourselves.

  Element selection

  Fully grasp the material quality and performance, and pay attention to the harmony and complementation between health and material. The rational application of new technology and new materials is a crucial link. In the combination of human and space, fashion and fashion can better represent the changing modern life. In the ceramic industry, the four main elements are the cement brick, the marble tile, the wood grain brick and the stone, which form the modern style with each other.




Representative brand

   In the field of modern style Home Furnishing bathroom, may have long been familiar, but in the traditional field of ceramics, refers to the concept of modern style, none other than non Xinghui ceramic tile. As the industry's first system into the modern style track brand transformation Hing Fai ceramic tiles from the beginning of June 2015 so far, whether it is from the exhibition hall, design, product, marketing team, or style, have undergone systematic reform, advance strategy and height of these changes certainly cannot do without the United States and Mo Hawke industrial group strategic cooperation and Xinghui group managing director Ke Xianren.



ceramic tile modern style hall


Into the exhibition hall (headquarters and terminal Hing Fai ceramic tile light luxury hall), "modern style" of the atmosphere is very strong, as if everyone is willing to wander in this space, comfortable sitting, chatting, watching, feeling, comfort, quality, design, modern "well summed up the characteristics of the brand the. Even the most traditional tiles, tiles with collocation perfect design can show the best visual effects, not to mention the diamond glaze - stone, brick, the main push datatec magic product style.

Therefore, it can be said that the "modern style" is the label of the ceramic tile Xinghui, field, when the "modern style", everyone can automatically fill brain Xinghui ceramic tiles, it is highly successful as the brand new.