About Us

JUNAMBRA is a professional and international ceramic enterprise.
The company focuses on Korean modern brick design and positioning the target group as the mainstream class of 80 and 90 with "modern minimalism" as the brand positioning.
Through the cooperation with well-known Korean designers, the company displays the products in the modern style of simplicity.
Abandon the luxuriant of the past, the tile's color is mainly in black,white and grey, and the texture emphasizes the integration of natural and fashionable elements,
More simple and lively, easy and comfortable application space, becoming the mainstream trend of ceramic tile consumption.
At the same time, JUNAMBRA has a wealth of international trade experience, can develop specific products for specific market, and can provide any required certification, test report, etc.
In order to meet the demand of the market, JUNAMBRA will pay more attention to the pulse of fashion and insist on originality and innovation.
With the characteristic life concept, high quality products and sincerely service, let our consumers feel the space charming of modern aesthetics.