Italy designer GIORGIO MINGARELLI: building a comfortable home from the details

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   "This vase with environment collocation" and "the chair with the other chair asymmetry has Italy...... MARAZZI Marazzi group, Florim group, New York architectural firm Rex and other well-known enterprise services Italy designer Giorgio Mingarelli and Maurizio Taccini are the headquarters hall busy Xinghui ceramic tile. They do not prepare for a grand exhibition, but only to create a fashionable, comfortable, communicative and aesthetic space to receive media interviews. Their meticulous and meticulous pursuit of perfectionism is evident.



Giorgio Mingarelli, a Italy designer, is carefully considering how the ornaments are more beautiful


The pursuit of the perfect Italy designer team, 2015 formal strategic cooperation with the two sides will reach Xinghui tiles, impact what kind of spark? What is the Giorgio Mingarelli design concept and attitude to life, will let Xinghui tile product style take on an altogether new aspect? Sina home correspondents exchanged with two designers.



Xinghui tile director Ke Xianren (left), Italy Giorgio Mingarelli Designer (in) and Maurizio Taccini (right)

Accept Sina home interview


     Sina home: I'm glad to talk to you about the design of big CAFA. We are very curious, what is the chance to let you reach cooperation with Xinghui ceramic tile? What is the mode of cooperation between the two sides?

Giorgio Mingarelli: we do international tile design professional, in each state of each choose a strong, has the potential of enterprise cooperation, including Italy Xinghui Group Europe Marazzi group, Asia China, and two other Middle East Turkey and South America Brazil enterprises. As early as five years ago, we have been acquainted with Xinghui ceramic tile, through a long time study, think Xinghui has great development opportunities and potential market in Chinese.


Sina Home Furnishing: so in your opinion, whether the tile machine itself, Xinghui technology can support Italy's design?

Giorgio Mingarelli: it is leading in Xinghui ceramic tile production equipment and technology, far more than expected, did not lose to Italy counterparts. At the same time, we pay more attention to the ability of the cooperative team, such as the strength of making bricks is not strong, and how to accept the new things and how to learn. In the process of cooperation, we will bring our design concept into the product, providing detailed guidance for product color adjustment, brick detail texture treatment and surface light reflection. We are thinking about how to do every detail of the brick.


Sina Home Furnishing: when it comes to feel the detail is really deep, just two designers for adornment collocation, desks and chairs in details are very seriously. If you can share it, it's a personal character, or a good designer should have such details.?

Maurizio Taccini:It's a designer's sense of mission, and everything needs to be the best. It does not belong to the part of the character, but it is not related to the work, but from the heart and from the bone. Not only us, but all the designers will have the ultimate pursuit. We will naturally think about how to create a comfortable environment and how to give consumers a comfortable home. If we see this is not good enough, we will naturally want to adjust.



Sina home: every designer has its own design idea. What is your design idea? This idea and what are the common Xinghui ceramic tile?

Giorgio Mingarelli:We go to a country, will observe this place especially in the home environment, every tree and bush, furniture is what color, what is the style of ceramic tile. For example, last time we went to south of the Five Ridges Xintiandi, we could see that the architectural style and environment were very good, but tiles in some places were really not good enough. We would think what tiles would be more appropriate. We are studying how to match, adjust and make the home more comfortable under the environment that Chinese people like. The most fundamental design concept is to make you feel comfortable and happy in your home environment.


Sina home: you've gone through so many places and have seen all kinds of designs. What kind of design will move you?

Giorgio Mingarelli:According to the experience, I think the best house and decoration is Milan, and the interior design is mostly the northern Europe. I have seen a lot of design all over the world, but I only miss China, so I particularly want to know and integrate into China. Sometimes we see something in Turkey and think of this thing for Chinese use; something in the United States will think of this for Europe. Based on this experience, we will see the trend of the world in a forward-looking way, and combine the customs and habits of every place to create new designs.


Each place has good design, good China future design will be perfect China of traditional culture and modern elements of the integration, such as ceramic tile Xinghui this exhibition hall, is through a very simple tile, wood such as the formation of a modern style collocation.


Sina home: I heard that the design of Italy is very good because there are a group of designers who love life. They work in the daytime as a designer, maybe a bakery or a dancer at night. Do you have any other hobbies in your spare time? Do these hobbies have an impact on your design?

Giorgio Mingarelli:I like cooking, watching birds. I like to see natural world in the wild. I like to live with my family, like my family's dogs and cats, and they will jump into my bed.


This life has an impact on my design, which will change the design as the mood changes. My home is a new decoration according to the mood and state of every stage of my own. At present, my home has been decorated four times. (interview / write Sina home Li Juanxing)